Psychology - Felician College

Ever ask why individuals do and say the things they do? It is safe to say that you are searching for answers to a percentage of the issues confronting individuals of the world today? The investigation of brain research tries to discover the responses to these and an assortment of different inquiries concerning the way people live, relate, and respond in our reality.

As an understudy of brain science, you will figure out how to ponder human conduct, musings and feelings. Understudies who graduate with a four year college education in brain science create abilities that are imperative in different vocations and are readied to enter graduate or expert schools.


  • Four year education in liberal arts in Psychology 
  • Minor in Psychology (18 credits) – supplements majors in nursing, training and business. 

Profession Opportunities 

  • Occupations with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology 
  • Authoritative backing 
  • Open undertakings 
  • Work guides 
  • Questioners 
  • Work force investigators 
  • Post trial agents 
  • Research colleagues 
  • Essayists 
  • Promoting 
  • Online administrations 
  • what's more, some more 
  • In Psychology 
  • Colleague in a recovery focus 
  • Psychological wellness specialist in a healing facility 
  • Brain science educator in a secondary school (with endorsement) 

Occupations After a Graduate Degree 

Clinical Fields 

  • Clinical/guiding brain science 
  • School brain science 
  • Wellbeing brain science 
  • Scientific Psychology 
  • Neuropsychology 
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation 

Non-clinical Fields 

  • Modern brain science 
  • Group brain science 
  • Sports brain science 
  • Human components fortes 
  • Scholarly brain research 
  • Research 
  • Counseling 
  • furthermore, some more.