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The Department of Biological Sciences offers a degree prompting a Bachelor of Science with a noteworthy in Biology. This is a thorough project that offers wide introduction to different parts of natural sciences including environment, systematics biodiversity, plant and creature science, microbiology and atomic and cell science. Preprofessional understudies planning for therapeutic, dental, drug store, exercise based recuperation, doctor's colleague, optometry and veterinary school might use this degree, with the incorporation of proper classes.

Understudies seeking after this degree must finish subordinate necessities of one year of general science, one year of natural science, one year of material science and math through the first semester of analytics. Inside of the Biology significant, understudies must finish Principles of Biology I and II, Ecology, Cell Biology, Genetics and either Fundamentals of Biochemistry or Evolution. Understudies finish the significant necessities by selecting upper-level electives (16 hours) that should incorporate two research center courses. The determination of upper level courses permits an understudy to amass in a particular region of enthusiasm for science and tailor the degree to their particular vocation objectives.

Vocation Opportunities 

A noteworthy in Biology gets ready understudies for an extensive variety of business opportunities in the therapeutic fields (solution, dentistry, drug store), research, pharmaceutical deals, and training.

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